Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Common Maltodextrin Side Effects to Watch Out For

Maltodextrin Side Effects

We are all aware that there are side effects to almost everything that you digest out there but Maltodextrin is something that we would least expect to carry its own list of side effects. Maltodextrin is used in quite a number of packaged foods and is most common put in sugar substitutes like Splenda. It has very sweet tendencies therefore it can sell well within these products but unfortunately there are Maltodextrin side effects out there you should be watching for.
Misusing any item can have its own side effects so remember to use these items in moderation. In reports of frequent usage of Maltodextrin weight gain is the leading side effect. It has also been held responsible for cholesterol rises and certain allergic food reactions in some people with known allergies. While the list of Maltodextrin side effects is not a very lengthy one there are still things you should be aware about.
That being said, Maltodextrin does have a benefit side as well. Isn’t it always true that something that is bad for you is usually good for you too? When compared to regular carbohydrates, the Maltodextrin can actually be digested quicker and must easier. This is one of the reasons diabetics use these sugar substitutes more so than others. You should notice Maltodextrin side effects within the first hour or two that you digest it, if you have some type of allergy to it. If nothing occurs then it is safe for you to digest as long as you are using it in moderation. After all, they say our body is a temple and we must control wisely what we allow to enter it. It is always good to know the pros and cons of everything you digest too.

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