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Xylitol Side Effects to Lookout For

Maltodextrin Side Effects

Xylitol Side Effects
Being a food additive that is mostly used as a sweetener, the questions as to the chances of there being some xylitol side effects tend to arise. It is widely used as a medicinal supplement as well as being an alternative to sugar especially because of its low calorie nature. When not being used in its original and natural state, you will find it listed as an ingredient for various products such as chewing gum, dental care products, dietary supplements, processed foods just to mention but a few. Majority of the known xylitol side effects can actually be avoided just by ensuring that you don’t consume the products in excess quality. The product is indeed beneficial but only when consumed in minimal quantities. An over consumption of this or basically any other product is likely to result in negative side effects. 
When in use as an oral health product, some xylitol side effects can be witnessed by the various patients using it. This is considering the fact that it is basically an alcohol based product and should there be insufficient digestion of it, what usually occurs is that the alcohol tends to have negative effects on the gastric system. This has been known to lead to diarrhea which is known to be quite a nuisance and instant medical checkup is recommended so as to rectify this situation. In addition, a minimal consumption of xylitol is encouraged so as to reduce the chances of attracting any xylitol side effects. A high consumption of xylitol will only lead to cases of low blood sugar and hypoglycemia.
There are also some xylitol side effects that cause quite a number of laxative effects. As earlier mentioned, diarrhea will be the instant complaint and this might double up with some abdominal gas complications. All these are likely to arise when there is an over consumption of the xylitol products. There are some xylitol side effects that relate to the purification techniques used to extract the substance. Some of these include itching, rashes in skin, difficulty in breathing, swelling in throat or mouth.
With time of consuming the product especially in excessive amounts, a number of xylitol side effects are likely to arise. For instance, you may also realize some persisting and increased levels of uric acid in your blood which is definitely not a good thing. This is because the high levels of uric acid in your blood can be a cause of the much feared kidney stones which can be said to be an extreme case of the xylitol side effects.

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