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Stevia Side Effects and Complaints

Maltodextrin Side Effects

Stevia Side Effects
Stevia Side Effects
Being one of the most commonly used natural herbs of this day and age, it is important to understand the stevia side effects so as to know how to better deal with such complications. It is increasingly coming into use due to its ability to be the ideal alternative to regular sugar as people are slowly running away from consuming the traditional sugar products that have been deemed to have quite a number of complications. However, despite its being painted as a saint, there are still some stevia side effects that cannot afford to be ignored especially when it comes to maintaining an all round positive health, which is the overall objective here.
Stevia may have some benefits, but there are some stevia side effects that cannot be ignored. A good example is the likelihood it has of causing a massive reduction in the levels of blood glucose. It may not actually be a likelihood as a continuous use of stevia has been known to cause such complications. At the same time, it can cause a number of scary stevia side effects that would definitely not reflect well with the male population. This is because of how it is known to cause a significant reduction in the manner in which sperm cells are produced. In as much as the tests done to prove this were done on animals, humans are still likely to suffer the same fate.
Other cases of stevia side effects include the way it is likely to cause problems with energy metabolism. Most of these cases have been witnessed in children. What essentially happens is the plant is very easily capable of blocking how the carbohydrates are absorbed. This can result to inadequate conservation of energy thus resulting to various forms of fatigue and weakness. Such stevia side effects should be taken seriously considering they can lead to severe body complaints and an imbalance in the way the body functions.
Other stevia side effects are with regard to the fact that it can actually be a cause of addiction to a number of sweet things which an get to be quite uncontrollable. Other reported cases include abdominal complaints such as bloating, nausea and gas. Numbness and dizziness are some of the stevia side effects that have been known to interfere with the body functionality. In extreme case, stevia is believed to be capable of increasing your chances of contracting cancer. However, studies are still undergoing so as to try and prove this for a fact.

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